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On the 30th October, 1893 Thirteen Brethren held a meeting in the Freemason Hall, Alice St Brisbane. At this meeting it was decided to form a Lodge and on the 13th November, where by direction of the Acting District Grand Master, the Consecration Ceremony was performed. It was followed by the Installation ceremony where the Lodge decided on the name Valley Ionic. At a meeting held on January 5, 1894 our foundation brethren selected the Tartan of the McDuff Clan as the badge of our Lodge. If we examine the McDuff Tartan, there are five colours all of which are in squares. This famous tartan has been stained with the blood of many heroes, fighting for the freedom of FREE MEN. The name ‘Valley ionic” was changed to “Ionic” in June, 1896; this alteration was made due to the meeting place being changed from the Valley to a large room in the Old Colonial Mutual Building in Queen St Brisbane.

The original Charter was 802 S.C. When the Grand Lodge of Queensland was formed, brought about by the amalgamation of the English and Scottish constitutions, the Lodge worked under the number 54. When unity was affected throughout the state by the amalgamation of the Grand Lodge of Queensland and the Queensland Grand Lodge, a new charter, no. 77, superseded the previous No.54. In 1926, Ionic was very strong, and a daughter Lodge was formed and consecrated. The Lodge was named “Progress” and it has made much progress in the following years. A happy relationship exists between the two Lodges. In 1957, membership of Ionic Lodge had again grown to such an extent that a second Daughter Lodge was formed within the Lodge. It was consecrated “prudence Lodge” in August 1957.

A meeting was first called in 2002 to consider the consolidation of Ionic Lodge No 77 and Prudence Lodge No 462. After some discussions it was agreed that the Trustees of both of these Lodges be instrumental in sorting out the details.

The members of Ionic Lodge voted to move from Ann St and accept the meeting nights and Installation timing of Prudence Lodge at the Kedron Masonic Centre. In consultation with the United Grand Lodge of Qld it was decided to call for a consolidation of these Lodges in order to keep the traditional Scottish workings and to preserve the Lodge number, being 77, in its continuity. The consolidation of both Lodges was formed in July 2003 when Prudence Lodge had surrendered their Charter to the U.G.L.Q. and the Prudence members joined Ionic Lodge.

An application was then made upon the Grand Master at the time M.W. Bro. Allan Wright to approve the Lodge names of Ionic and Prudence to be combined. In February 2004 approval was given to change the name to Ionic Prudence Lodge No 77. Thus preserving the Lodge Charter number and incorporating the names of both Lodges. In August 2003 the first Worshipful Master of the combined Lodges was Wor. Bro. Arthur Bang.

Today our lodge has around 40 members with the oldest being just shy of 100 and the youngest being 26. Thirty of these members are still very active in Lodge life, with our oldest active member Very Worshipful Stan Rutherford being 95. Each year we have been steadily growing, with most of our new members being around 34 years old. This spells a great future for the lodge as we are passing the baton to a new and active generation of Free and Accepted Masons.

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