The Freemasons Lodge Ionic Prudence holding under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland and numbering on its role 77 meets at the Kedron Freemasons Centre on Gympie Road Brisbane every 4th Thursday of the Month at 7:30 pm, and works the Scottish Ritual.

The selected Badge of the Lodge Ionic Prudence is the McDuff tartan which is prominent on members aprons.

The wonderful thing about Scottish Lodges is that we all have different ways in which we conduct our ceremonies and ritual, which make up the main body of work for any Lodge.

Though Freemasonry is universal and the rituals throughout the world do have a common theme, being a member of a Scottish Lodge highlights these differences and emphasises the rich diversity which is Freemasonry.

We welcome any current Freemasons who would like to visit our lodge, especially those who are looking at seeing how the other half do it and we always welcome members of the public who are interested in Freemasonry but don’t know how to go around joining the fraternity.

There is also information about the history of our lodge, Freemasonry in general, the Lodge officers and even some Masonic Jokes to give you a chuckle.

If you have any questions regarding Freemasonry in general or this the Lodge Ionic Prudence specifically, please visit the contacts at the bottom of the page for our contact phone numbers, or submit an email via our contact form.


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