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You might be a Mason if:

1. You’re at a wedding, and when the minister says “Amen,” you blurt out “So Mote it Be.”

2. You find yourself trying to check out the rings on stranger’s fingers.

3. You actually “got” the lines in the movie, The Man Who Would Be King, and can quote the movie like it was the Bible.

4. You feel compelled to attend the funeral of a complete stranger, just because you read in his obituary that he was a Mason.

5. Your best friends are an 92 year old WWII veteran of the Kokoda Trail of , a 19 year old University student, a non-practicing Orthodox Jew, a doctor, a boilermaker, an Iranian Kurd, and some guy named Rodger and you all spend at least one night a month together talking about working tools.

6. You referred to a cold XXXX as a ‘means of refreshment’

7. You have an affinity for sitting in ancient chairs with busted springs stabbing you in the butt for hours at a time.

8. You have an irrational fear of goats.

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