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John has been a mason for many years and finally has worked up the courage to run for the job of Worshipful Master. Unfortunately in the ballot he did not get enough votes and returned home that night quite despondent.

His wife me him at the door with a great big hug and a welcome home kiss. “Don’t worry” she said “in this house you will always be the Senior Warden.”

The Worshipful Master is talking to one of the visiting brethren who just happens to be a doctor and complains that the Senior Warden doesn’t seem to hear what the Master was saying during the Lodge rituals. The visitor suggested a test to find out the extent of the problem.

“Next time you have a ritual address yourself to the Senior Warden from your chair, and then slowly advance from the East and see how far away you are when he first responds.”

The Master excited to finally be working on a solution to the Senior Wardens problem, sets up a simple ritual for the next meeting. On the night and once every is seated, he starts the test.

“Brother Jones” the Master asks from his chair in the east “What is the role of the Senior Warden?” After receiving no response he advances toward the West and tried it again halfway across the Lodge, and again no response. He advances to the edge of the mosaic, again with no response from the Senior Warden. Finally standing directly in front of the Senior Warden he says “What is the duty of the Senior Warden”.

He replies “For the fourth time, to ensue tat the Worshipful Master puts fresh batteries into his hearing aid before the next meeting.”

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